Specialist Programs

Cabramatta Public School is fortunate to have a range of subjects taught by specialist teachers in that area.


Cabramatta Public School has a garden that enables students to plant various fruit and vegetables and learn how to care for them. The children also have the opportunity to use the produce from the garden to make various foods following recipes.

Film and Animation

Students are taught a range of different skills to assist in developing short films and animations. Students work collaboratively to create works using a variety of technologies and software programs.

Below are some of school news episodes students have been working on in Film and Animation.


Students are taught a range of fundamental movement skills as a foundation to build on skills for game play.


Students are given opportunities to experience music through singing, playing and moving. Students are exposed to a variety of instruments to learn about duration, pitch, dynamics, tone colour and structure.

Visual Arts

The students are given a variety of themes and learn an appreciation of the arts through the creation of their own artworks. Cabramatta Public School is very lucky to have our students taught by an artist.


Students are exposed to outcomes from both the Creative Arts and PD/H/PE curriculums. Students are taught basic dance steps and use these steps to create a dance to perform for an audience.