Kindergarten Transition

Cabramatta Public School offers an exciting and comprehensive transition program to help you and your child transition into our school happily and successfully.

The staff at Cabramatta Public School are committed to ensuring the children have a positive start to school and feel a real sense of belonging.

During transition the children will become familiar with the kindergarten classrooms and their teachers as well as the library, garden, play areas, school toilets, recess and lunch routines and the Community Languages teachers.

The children will also be exposed to literacy and numeracy through play based experiences.

Through the Transition to Kindergarten Program your child will be exposed to:

  • pre reading skills –  increase your child’s vocabulary and speaking skills, aides comprehension and the enjoyment of reading.  These skills help your child relate stories to his/her own experiences as well as develop listening and attention skills.
  • pre writing skills –  these skills are necessary for children to develop before they are able to write.  These skills contribute to your child’s ability to correctly hold and use a pencil, draw, colour, copy and write.
  • pre numeracy skills –  consist of basic numeracy skills such as simple addition and subtraction.