Key Learning Areas


Students at Cabramatta Public School are extended and supported in their Literacy learning through innovative and dynamic teaching which is tailored to the needs of individual students.

Our strong focus on Literacy provides students with the foundations for their future academic success. Our Literacy programs provide opportunity and experiences to develop a high level of knowledge and competence in talking and listening, reading, viewing and writing with purpose, effect and confidence.

Support is offered in both the classroom and in small groups for students learning English as their second language. Specialist EAL/D and Learning and Support teachers are part of the school’s dynamic teaching team, there to support and guide your child’s learning and development in Literacy.

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Our innovative mathematics programs are supported by the use of hands on materials and equipment including internet resources such as Mathletics. Students at Cabramatta Public School are engaged in creative, meaningful and effective programs that instil mathematical thinking, understanding and confidence in applying mathematics to their everyday lives.

In NSW, the Board of Studies has worked closely with teachers and key education members to develop syllabuses that include the Australian curriculum content and further detail that clarifies learning.

The new K-10 Mathematics syllabus is being implemented in all schools across NSW.

Students will develop their mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding through a range of learning experiences across:

  • Number and Algebra, eg whole numbers and fractions and decimals
  • Measurement and Geometry, eg length, area and time
  • Statistics and Probability, eg data and chance.

Throughout these areas they will develop their problem-solving skills and mathematical reasoning and communication.

Students in Stage 3 will develop a deeper understanding of Statistics and Probability.

Our school employs an Instructional Leader to provide high quality professional learning for our teaching staff and parents.

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Science and Technology

Students at Cabramatta Public School are actively engaged in investigating, designing, making, problem solving and applying technology to life.

Through the K-6 Science and Technology Syllabus we aim to foster students’ sense of wonder and expand their curiosity about the world around them. Students can question and seek solutions to problems and develop an understanding of the relationships between science and technology.

Scientific inquiry is a distinct way of finding answers to interesting questions and solutions to important problems. At Cabramatta Public School our students are supported through this process and helped to see the importance of using scientific enquiry to make informed decisions about the uses of science and technology in their lives.


Cabramatta Public School offers many learning experiences in Human Society and its Environment. This important area of learning is vital to your child’s all round development. It provides a knowledge base for students to gain understandings about change and continuity, cultures, environments and social systems and structures. Students have opportunities to learn about people and the environments with which they interact. This knowledge base provides the foundation for studies of Australian and world history and geography, for social, cultural and legal studies, for environmental and economic studies, and for citizenship education.

Learning in Human Society and Its Environment can assist students to empathise with others and understand and evaluate the nature of the society to which they belong. Studies include perspectives of females and males, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, various cultural and socioeconomic groups, people with different religions and belief systems, and people with disabilities.

As a result of learning in Human Society and Its Environment, students should develop a sense of personal, community, national and global identity and the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that will equip them to participate as responsible citizens in maintaining and improving the quality of their society and environment.


By inquiring into our past it helps to explain how people, events and forces from the past have shaped our world. It allows students to locate and understand themselves and others in the continuum of human experience up to the present.

The study of History investigates the actions, motives and lifestyles of people over time, from individuals and family members, to local communities, expanding to national and world history contexts. It introduces the idea that History contains many stories. History also provides broader insights into the historical experiences of different cultural groups within our society and how various groups have struggled for civil rights, for example Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, migrants and women. History encourages students to develop an understanding of significant historical concepts such as cause and effect, change and continuity, significance, empathy and contestability.

Creative Arts

Your child will have access to many opportunities and programs in the creative and performing arts at Cabramatta Public School. These opportunities are designed to develop and foster the talents and interests of students whilst also developing confidence and building self-esteem. Creative and Performing Arts addresses the areas of Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance. Students work with classroom and specialised teachers in these areas for enjoyment, expression, creativity and imagination.

Opportunities are available throughout the year for class items at assembly performances, workshops, the annual school production, visiting artists, student art displays and drama performances.


At Cabramatta Public School students are engaged in weekly skills-based activities based on the Fundamental Movement Skills which allow students to enjoy the wide range of physical activities, sports and recreational pursuits offered in our communities.

We aim to support our students in developing good interpersonal relationships and an appreciation for a healthy lifestyle while fostering essential problem solving, communication and decision making skills to aid them in all areas of life.

The school promotes an active and healthy lifestyle with daily Crunch and Sip in the classroom and a variety of structured and unstructured opportunities to engage in regular physical exercise.

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